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Auto Insurance Buying Basics Everyone Should Know

Buying car insurance and finding cheap or affordable auto insurance doesn't need to be, and should not be so complicated.

The first thing you must know is that auto insurance can provide protection for physical damage to your car caused by an auto accident, an auto theft, auto burglary and automobile vandalism. It can even protect your car if your auto is damaged in a flood or from rising ground water. (If you carry a loan on your car, chances are high the bank has already forced you to buy this coverage.)

Next you should know that auto insurance provides (liability) protection to you in case you hit someone with your car like a pedestrian, or strike their automobile or their motorcycle with your auto. (And if you register your car, chances are also high the State has already forced you to buy this coverage too.)

Auto insurance also can protect you and your passengers in case you need limited medical attention after having an auto accident. This coverage is optional in some States, mandatory in others. (Check our State Specific pages here to get the full scoop.)

Lastly, and this is certainly last on the "priorities list," if you need it and can afford it, auto insurance can also provide you with coverage for the cost of a replacement car while your auto is being fixed. And car insurance can also provide coverage for the cost of having your car towed after the accident.

Those are the "basics" that everyone needs to know before you comparison shop for auto insurance alone on the internet. For more detailed information about these coverages, please check out our Tips & Advice Center.

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